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Vega Salmon was established in 2010 as a merger between Vega Salmon and Seamore. The company’s main activities are processing and refinement of fresh and smoked salmon. The company has grown from small Danish producer to an international player with an annual turnover of 180€ million from sales to more than 30 different countries in Europe, Americas, Oceania, and Asia. Vega Salmon’s 12,900 m2 factory are based in Handewitt, Germany which opened in September 2012 and has the annual capacity to produce 37,500 metric tons per year, on highly automated and state of the art facilities

The customers are major international retailers, wholesalers, brand owners and food service providing companies. Vega Salmon sells their premium products through both own Vega brands and through private label manufacturing. Vega Salmon are owned by the private Danish equity fond Maj Invest Equity A/S.

Vega Salmon invest in their innovative solutions, both in product development and within their technology of being more efficient and leaner. Latest product developed is a new convenient product for a healthier choice on the retail shelf, within their own brand The Salmon Chef, a infused portion, ready to be cocked and served. A tasty portion spiced and ready to be heated either in the oven or microwave. Vega Salmons vision is to deliver world class salmon every day, and by this they steer their business as a principal. Their values found deep in their business on people first, craftsmanship, quality, and flexibility.

Commitments and certifications

Vega Salmon have been dedicated to the sustainable future by multiple international acknowledge programs for a long time. Vega Salmon has been a signatory to the UN Global Compact since March 2014 and submits the annual Communication on Progress report on a yearly basis and are committed towards Sustainable Development Goals, through 7. Energy consumption, 12. Sustainable production, and 14. Sustainable farming in oceans. In 2021/22 Vega Salmon has developed a new ESG Policy, which outlines the principles for the company’s approach to Environmental, Social and Governance matters, which was processed and approved by the Board of Directors in March 2022. Vega Salmon aims to align its business practices to the EU taxonomy for sustainable activities (Regulation (EU) 2020/852) to achieve sustainable economic activities. Vega Salmon seeks to contribute to climate change mitigation, climate change adaption, sustainable use of water and marine sources, protection and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems, pollution prevention and circular economy. Vega Salmon complies with the highest industrial standards and has several certifications. These include IFS/GFSI, MSC, ASC, GGN/Global GAP, SPS/BSP/BAP, ISO 50001, OU Kosher, BIO/Organic, and FDA Approval.



Vega Salmon contributes to the LIFE CONQUER Project by supplying the needed rest raw materials from its production of salmon products for human consumption for testing and development of their end-product. Vega Salmon are also contributing to establish an innovative logistics setup for inbounding and handling of the rest raw materials from its production facility, by aiming for a bulk transportation at hygienic conditions and securing the rest raw materials quality, and at the same time reducing the carbon footprint by lowering the CO2 emissions. Vega Salmon are also contributing to the LIFE CONQUER Project by monitoring and evaluate the impact through the value chain together with Biomega Group, as well as participating in networking and sharing of knowledge with other LIFE projects.

Kolding, Denmark

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Dan Jensen

Vice President, Commercial & Corporate Affairs
Steen Breum Damgaard