The LIFE CONQUER project aims at sustainably exploiting the side stream of the salmon processing industry for producing salmon peptides and oil, to be used as ingredients for human nutrition at large scale. A sustainable first of-its-kind biorefinery will be developed in Hirtshals (Denmark) based on know-how developed by biomega® Denmark, the Coordinator, in its DEMO plant, bringing the process from TRL 6 to TRL 8.

The building of such a big system is huge in term of effort and investments. The beneficiary coordinator already started the work in autumn 2021, by using their own resources, to set-up all the external infrastructure and some of the equipment needed for producing salmon peptides and oil as ingredients for human nutrition. At the beginning of the LIFE project, the biorefinery will be ready to host and to demonstrate the innovative i) solutions for extracting proteins from bones ii) the in-situ spray drying iii) an innovative inbound logistics for raw material, the three main objectives of LIFE CONQUER project.

Once the three systems will be set-up, tested and optimised the whole biorefinery will be ready to demonstrate at industrial scale the following environmental goals in line with the priority of LIFE programme:

Bio-waste reduction

Of app. 18.300 tonnes/year of salmon offcuts saved

GHG reduction

Of app. 1,600 tonnes of CO2eq/year

Water efficency

Of app. 30,000 tonnes/year

Thermal energy saving

Of app. 23.7 Gwh/year

The project will have benefits of the creation of new jobs, as 17 FTE will be employed in the biorefinery starting from 2023.